What is communication?

Communication literally means "putting together". Not in the sense of material goods but in "messages" that express intentions, feelings, thoughts, information.

In practice, communicating means transmitting to others, in the best possible way, their own mental representation of the world.

The conditions of communicating

In order to be able to communicate some fundamental conditions are necessary.

First of all, at least two people must be in contact in an indirect way (eg. through a Post, Message etc..).

In the communication there must exist messages that need to be transmitted by a "sender" to one or more "subjects”. No messages correspond to any communication.

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There must be a common code between the two or more subjects that allow the message to be deepened. For example, if two people want to communicate through verbal communication but speak two different languages, ​​they will never be able to send messages because they will not understand, they would not be decoded.

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There must be the “will to communicate”, namely the will to talk and listen, to write and to read, to transmit and receive messages. Without will there is no communication.

Are you ready to communicate what you are?

Our Team will be by your side to listen and understand all your communicative needs.

Let’s communicate together, let’s communicate better!

comunichiamo bene comunichiamo insieme